Smiles abound at Youth Triathlon

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waunakee 2014 little boy finishersThere are few greater things than putting a smile on a satisfied customer’s face, and we at Smart Motors strive to do that hundreds of times a day through our Toyota service department, new and used car sales, and at Ball Body Shop. One of the few exceptions, though, would be helping to put smiles on children’s faces, which is something that we also love to do. This year, we’ve partnered with an awesome local organization, Tri 4 Schools, who organizes youth triathlons, fun-runs, and even fun training courses to help promote physical activity among local kids. This partnership is a fantastic way for us to give back to the local community, and provides some especially great smile-inducing moments.

waunakee biker


On Saturday May 3rd, Tri 4 Schools held its first youth triathlon of the season at Waunakee High School. This year’s event sold out, at 500 students ages 3-14 who competed in three different levels of racing. The exceptional turnout of athletes was matched by the enthusiastic support of friends, family, and community, including over 100 volunteers who helped cheer on and support racers, and kept the whole event fun and safe. The cool May morning brought some stiff winds that undoubtedly challenged the racers, but failed to deter anyone’s high spirits or infectious grins.


Through swimming, biking, and running it was obvious that both first-time and experienced racers alike enjoyed the camaraderie and light-hearted competition among friends and peers. I was especially impressed by the enthusiastic complements that the volunteers, parents, and other spectators had for all the participants. Congratulations for a job-well-done were in abundance and the radiant smiles of all in attendance made the collective pride the racers had for themselves and others, quite apparent.



Not only was the Waunakee Youth Triathlon a fun, enjoyable event, but also proved successful for Tri 4 Schools, who raised nearly $12,000 at this year’s race. Tri 4 Schools commits money from race registrations back to local schools, who in-turn, invest the money in physical education curriculum, equipment, and other materials.

Opportunities to work with forward thinking local organizations like Tri 4 Schools are a great way to give back to a community that has supported the Smart Motors family for over 100 years, and we’re grateful to be a part of their efforts. Being witness to these young students’ perseverance and success is an excellent reminder to try our best in all we do. We’re committed to staying active in our community, and committed to providing our friends, guests, and customers the outstanding service they deserve and have come to expect from us.



The next Tri 4 Schools youth Triathlon will be in Middleton on Saturday, August 16, and we can’t wait!!!

To register for upcoming events, volunteer, or just learn more about Tri 4 Schools, visit their website –


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Ball Body Shop Gets Dramatic Face Lift

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IMG_0491Over the last several months, a serious transformation has taken place at Ball Body Shop. The reputable local auto body center has taken major steps in setting itself apart from the competition, both in size and capability. A recent 8,000 square foot expansion makes the Smart Motors owned body shop the largest in the state, and the addition of state-of-the-art technologies, make it one of the most advanced.


The “face-lift” is far from being merely cosmetic, as Ball now has doubled its service capacity to nearly 300 vehicles per month. New and improved prep and paint booths, along with specific training, also allow Ball to speed through a previously laborious painting process in 45 minutes. Also being employed at the improved facility is a $20,000 computerized welder, which aids with frame and body reconstruction by recognizines vehicles by their specific make and model.



On top of these improvements are other impressive amenities, including in-house glass repair and a full-service rental fleet. As a truly full-service shop, Ball Body Shop can lend their impressive technology and talent to any make and model vehicle on jobs of any size. From paintless dent repair to major collisions, Ball is sure to have your car back to pre-accident condition in no time.

As a division of Smart Motors, customer service will always be of paramount importance at Ball, and customers can expect helpful and friendly service at every turn. Best yet? Ball works with all major insurance companies and is ready to help guide you through the repair process. A substantial investment has been made in improving the capabilities of this body shop facility, and members of Ball are ready to prove to customers that the improvements are worth every penny.










Ball Body Shop and Novus Glass – Madison are located at 2225 Eagle Dr. in Middleton, WI. Smart Motors is located at 5901 Odana Rd. in Madison, WI.

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Oh Deer!

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Just beyond the beam of your headlights, there’s slight movement. It’s barely perceptible, and you keep driving. Several hundred feet later, you see something move again. It’s a deer! There’s no chance to stop. You slam on the brakes, but an impact still occurs.

Welcome to Fall in Wisconsin.

This frightening scene happens surprisingly commonly in this season. According to 2011 reports, the state saw over 18,000 deer-car crashes.  And they’re the worst in the Fall. Less dense foliage and harvest time pushes the animals out into the open, while earlier sunsets makes them harder to see. It’s no surprise over 40 percent of deer crashes occur from mid-October through November, which is during their mating season.Deer Crossing Sign

When a crash does occur, there will be damage. It’s the simple physics of a vehicle traveling at 60 MPH strikes a 150 pound deer. While this situation is unfortunate, Ball Body Shop, a division of Smart Motors, has the expertise required to fix any deer crash incidents.

“The broken windshields, crumpled bumpers, busted headlights, we can definitely fix those,” says Jeff Hepp, body shop manager at Ball Body Shop “We can make any vehicle look like it never met a deer.”

Jeff Hepp recommends avoiding areas where deer congregate after dark. Rural roads, which might lack adequate lighting or feature sharp corners, are a prime area for deer crashes to occur. Over 90 percent of deer crashes occur on the rural backroads, so when traveling through the area, make sure to remain extra vigilant and keep your eyes open—especially at dawn and dusk.

In addition, Jeff offers these tips to make a safe fall driving season:

  • Always use caution when driving—especially at peak hours from 5-10 pm.
  • Deer generally travel in herds. If you see one crossing the road, slow down, as more might be coming.
  • Sometimes it makes sense to hit the deer. This might sound callous, but if the choice comes down to hitting a deer or swerving over the center line, a deer will cause less damage and present less of a risk to human life.
  • Keep an eye out when traveling on rural and country roads.
  • Flash your highbeams to scare deer away. If they freeze in the headlights, just wait for them to move and then slowly proceed.
  • Deer crossing signs do show where deer are more likely to cross.
  • If on a rural road, intermittently honk your horn. Deer have perceptive hearing and will know to avoid an area with such high pitched noise.

By keeping yourself aware of these handy tips, you can reduce your chances of an unexpected deer encounter this year.

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