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Our new car salesperson is a gem!

May 06, 2015 by Kristine Pekar
Sales Or Service Visit: April 29th I think • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Scott Nelson 

We purchased a new Rav4 last week and our salesperson was Scott Nelson. We were dreading the thought of buying a new car and the whole process associated with it, but Scott was outstanding. He was honest and helpful but more than anything else, he seemed most interested in putting us in the right vehicle for our needs. We were immediately put at ease from the moment we met him at the door as we walked in the showroom. He made us feel comfortable and confident in his knowledge and experience. It's not often we develop a trust in someone we had just met, but Scott is someone we trust to help us make a decision as important as this. And we are confident he will help us with any questions we have in the future regarding our vehicle. Besides all that, he's just a great guy! Loved the whole experience. Smart Motors is a wonderful dealership.

Response: Congrats on your new RAV4, Kristine, and thank you for your feedback on your experience. Scott will be thrilled to read this. Drive safe!

The Total Package

Apr 28, 2015 by Cheryl Bartlett
Sales Or Service Visit: Sales • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Scott Nelson 

Scott has sold me 3 Toyota Siennas over the past 8 or 9 years. In keeping with the Smart way, Scott is very energetic, friendly, honest, knowledgeable, and shows attention to detail, but does not try to over-sell. I completely trust Scott and his attentiveness to the customer is amazing--answering his cell phone on his day off to answer questions. I highly recommend Scott as a salesperson from whom to buy a vehicle.

Response: Got\'a love those Toyota Siennas, and thank you Cheryl for the awesome feedback.

Excellent Sales & Service!

Feb 13, 2015 by Amanda & Chris
Sales Or Service Visit: Sales & Service • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Andy Goepfert & Luke Severson 

I want to give a huge shout out for Sales Manager Andy Goepfert and Luke Severson from the Service Team. We purchased a used car from Toyota and Andy our sales associate was professional, knowledgeable upfront with pricing and really went the extra mile to ensure we not only found what we wanted in a vehicle but that we were satisfied with our purchase. After two weeks of driving, I heard a very low-pitched noise and Andy had us bring it in and took care of the problem at no cost. Luke from service was awesome! Of course when he drove our vehicle it did not make the ‘noise’, but Luke wanted to keep the car another day to see if it made any difference as he test drove it the next day. Sure enough the noise came back. Luke was so courteous and respectful over the phone through the entire process and he did his due diligence to find the problem and correct it. I know I will be returning in the future to purchase from this team again. They were The BEST! Thanks Andy and Luke and the rest of the Toyota team!

Response: Thank you for the comments and feedback, Amanda!

Excellent service

Feb 13, 2015 by Ben Rodgers
Sales Or Service Visit: Sale • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Gurhan, Greg, and Jennifer 

Very attentive and courteous. They gave a good price and let me take my time. They even unexpectedly replaced the clutch of my chosen vehicle without adjusting my price quote.

Response: Congrats on your new set of wheels, Ben, and thank you for the feedback.


Feb 11, 2015 by Tom
Sales Or Service Visit: Sales • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Eric 

Met a man at Wal-Mart today and noticed he was driving a new Avalon. I asked him how he liked the car. He said, "I have finally found a car that I can keep." Great testimony for your product. The Avalon was a 2015 and the gentleman was probably in his late 60's which tells me that he has had his share of auto experiences

Response: Very cool! Thank you for sharing!

Satisfied 2 year Customer

Feb 09, 2015 by Benjamin
Sales Or Service Visit: Service Visit • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Christopher Licht 

I had an excellent service visit at the express bay, coordinated by Christopher Licht this morning. He knew immediately what the issue was, made sure I didn't wait any longer than necessary, explained to me what the guys did to fix the issue, and made me feel like my car was in good hands. It was an excellent way to start off my week. Very glad to give my business to Smart Motors.

Response: Awesome! Thank you for the feedback Benjamin. Confidence in who is working on your vehicle, and with the person managing the process is huge. Glad Christopher accomplished this, and fixed your vehicle for you. Drive safe!

Excellent sales rep

Feb 03, 2015 by Dianne Sattinger
Sales Or Service Visit: Used Car sales • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Tom Gilmore 

I highly recommended sales associate Tom Gilmore to anyone who is looking to buy a used car from Smart Toyota. Tom had sold me a great car but it wasn't working out for me because of a certain feature. When he called to see how things were working out and I told him I had tried hard but couldn't get used to the car, and I had seen another car on the Web site that sounded like a better fit, he said, "Of course" and told me to come on in. He was never condescending or negative or impatient, and never treated me like a woman who can't make up her mind, and the result is that I have a car that is just right for me. Thank you, Tom!

Response: Thank you for the feedback on your visit, Dianne. Finding the right vehicle is key to your lasting enjoyment and satisfaction. Glad we were able to eventually find that \"just right\" feeling for you.

Truly Exceptional Assistant Service Manager

Jan 21, 2015 by Trevor Murray
Sales Or Service Visit: Service Visit • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Vusue Thao 

I brought my car in for service and was offered a free rental vehicle because I had bought my scion with Smart Motors almost 10 years ago. I have had all my service done with Smart Motors since I bought my vehicle . Vusue Thao is very professional and was always easy to get in contact with as well as kept me up to date on how my service was going. When parts needed to be ordered I was allowed to keep my rental at no cost till they could finish the service and was more than willing to help me stay inside my budget. Vusue Thao is a Truly Exceptional Assistant Service Manager.

Response: Nearly a decade in your Scion ~ that\'s awesome, Trevor. Thank you for the feedback on your latest visit to our service department, and for your continued business. I will be sure to share your comments with Vusue and his manager.

great repair servce

Jan 15, 2015 by chris moll
Sales Or Service Visit: Service visit • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Eric brown 

service for recall repairs yesterday was 5 star. eric was very courteous, smart, fast. thanks eric!

Response: Hi, Chris! Thank you for the 5-star rating/review. Glad we were able to handle your repairs quickly, efficiently and accurately. I will be sure to share your comments with Eric as well. Have a wonderful day!

5 Star Service

Jan 13, 2015 by Freeman
Sales Or Service Visit: April 2014 • 
Person(s) Dealt With: Seth Cristoph 

I went to the TOYOTA used dealership, to basically shop around for a nice car, used or new. Seth worked with me and my list of specifics I wanted in a car and my list of different models of cars.
I want to let you know, I have never dealt with any as courteous, respectful or patient as Seth. I don't think he had me when he first said my name with the suffix of Ms. He took my list and proceeded to let me test drive the model(s) /with specifics I had on the list.
I test drove used and New, but I was disappointed because I didn't find anything on my dream list. I was thinking my standards were way too high.
I was about ready to leave, when he asked me if there was anything I would consider, I thought about and said "possibly an SUV?"
OMG! Seth came in and said I have one more for you to try. I went to the car and got in and a big smile was on my face. The SUV was clean and looked really roomy, it drove smoothly and quietly and there were tons of
gadgets on panel, did I mention the panoramic Sun/Moon roof!!! WOW I was excited and apprehensive at the same time. I didn't even notice what I was driving because I was so in awe of the interior!
When I returned from the test drive, Seth met and asked me if I noticed the heated seats and steering wheel? Heated steering wheel, Git out!
I got out and noticed this was a Mercedes, OMG, again!!
I ended up trading in my 2004 for an overpriced trade-in amount and more off for a program that was suggested....all in all $8000.00 off the sticker price. I thanked Seth with a big hug, and you know what this young man said? He said " we weren't going to stop until you had what you wanted on your list". Bless his heart. p.s. another bonus, I had a car fax, the cars history. Very handy.
So, if you have a wish list, look up Seth Cristoph, he won't let you down.

Love the...... check this box if you are human,

Response: Sounds like you came well prepared and glad Seth was able to help you find the perfect vehicle for you - panoramic sun roof and all! Congrats & Happy New Car day! Drive safe.

Smart Motors Toyota/Scion 608-275-7808 5901 Odana Road Maidson WI, 53719 USA 4.5 5.0 863 863 We purchased a new Rav4 last week and our salesperson was Scott Nelson. We were dreading the thought of buying a new car and the whole process associated with it, but Scott was ou